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9 Simple Tweaks to Speed up Android Phone in 2021

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Speed up Android Phone: Every android phone experience gets sluggish day after day, there are few tweaks to be made to speed up the android phone like scratch.

Every android phone at the beginning runs so smooth as butter, but after a few months, it may trouble you with speed issues. In this article, Below are the methods to solve your problems.

I hope it works out for you. Good luck! ;_;

System Updates

Make sure your android device is on the latest version. If not, update it right now by navigating to
Settings -> System -> System Updates (or) Software Updates
Search it directly in the system settings if you cannot find.

If you postpone updates, the device may become laggy.
Because update brings new features and it fixes bugs if there are any.

Also, update apps from the PlayStore.

Reduce Animations

By default, animation loading time is 1 second.
If we change it to half-second (0.5s), the difference can speed up android phone O_O.

You can also set the animation time to Zero (0).
Sounds amazing right?

If you change it to zero, it brings faster experience.
But, it may look ugly for your eyes. x_x

So, experiment with the animation time and set it according to your needs.
I would recommend setting all the animation values to 0.5 seconds.

Enough said.
Now, head-to the solution:


To change the animation duration, you need to enable Developer mode.
If you know how to enable it, skip the below step.

Go to Settings -> Search for “About Phone” -> Tap on Build Number (Version) 7 times.

Next, search for “Developer options” in settings.
Scroll down to the Animation section and change the values.

The animation will be reduced.

Delete Junk from Storage

Install Files Go app from Play store.
It recommends to clean up junk files when you open the app.

Confirm and free up junk files.

Junk files are temporary files stored by apps in your device.
It is safe to remove those files.

Clear Cache

Apps use cache to speed up the process of loading.
I’ll give you an example to explain it better.

Instagram stores cache data in a user’s device when the user visits the app and scrolls down the posts.
However, it loads all the data in the first attempt.

Again when you open Instagram, the loaded data appears first.

However, it is safe to delete cache data. Because newer content gets added frequently and the old data is not necessary.


Just do it ~_~

Search for App Storage -> Choose any app and clear cache.

Uninstall Unused Apps

Certain apps consume unnecessarily data and occupy the disk space. Uninstall Apps which you no longer need.

System apps cannot be uninstalled. The other way is to Disable it.

Homescreen Modification

Keep fewer widgets and app shortcuts on the home screen.
Keep a standard wallpaper, avoid live wallpapers.

Live wallpapers look beautiful, interactive and animated. But, it causes battery drain.

Lite Version Apps

Apps take a tremendous amount of storage space, and it becomes a barrier to other apps.
You must have seen this warning “Insufficient storage“.

To overcome this problem, install the lite version of apps.
It does the same work as the original one.

Popular apps like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, etc. have a lite version of their apps.


Install a lightweight launcher on your android device.
Launcher gives unique UI feel, tweaks a few device general settings.
A launcher has options to modify fonts, app icons, home screen, app drawer, etc.

Recommended launchers: Lawnchair, Nova

Factory Reset

If nothing works, do a factory reset.
Backup all your data to cloud storage or PC, then proceed to this step.

Advanced Options to try if you’re brave enough:

Wipe partition data from Recovery Mode.
Root your device and install a Custom ROM.

If you’re thinking of overclocking, the device runs faster. But it causes overheating and Battery drain.

The End

I hope these tweaks worked out for you to speed up android phone.
If none of these worked, then please let me know.

If I have missed anything, let me know in the comment section.
Any doubts? Feel free to comment below.

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