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11 Interesting Things To Do When Bored

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Transform your boredom to productivity and utilize time plus value it. There are many things to do when bored at home, office, work, quarantine, etc.
Why not invest time to gain productivity?
It will be helpful for you at present and future.

We can also say it as Activities to do when bored at home.
So, here is the list of things to do when bored:

Read a Book

Reading a book improves creativity, imagination, vocabulary, stimulates your mind, etc.
It benefits in every way possible.

Many people think reading books is unnecessary and they don’t indulge much in such things.

So, don’t be like other people.
Start reading books and become smarter.

Buy books or read Ebooks online from Amazon Book Store or any other website you know.
Recently Amazon has introduced podcasts if you’re interested check out the website Audible.

Watch TEDx Talks

TED Talks and TEDx Talks are two different things.
TED Talks focuses on the global audience while TEDx Talks focuses on the local audience,

TEDx Talks is an event for a local gathering where a speaker talks about a topic to educate or motivate the crowd.
TEDx speaker is someone who inspires others with influential words.

You can either visit a local TEDx event or watch it online on Youtube.
Invest your time in learning new things.

Watch Movies

Movies are there to entertain us and also educate us.
It’s your choice to learn from the movie or just get entertained.

Did you learn anything from a movie before?

Every movie has a moral of the story and, It shows something you didn’t know earlier.
Example: Interstellar showed us about Space and Discovery.
The Matrix taught to open yourself up to new possibilities.

Life is all about enjoyment, and you should enjoy it with positivity.
Next time you watch a movie, look at what it taught you.

If you’re confused where to watch movies, check out this page it may help you in deciding the best OTT video streaming platform to watch movies or series.

Listen to Music

Music heals our soul. 
That line is so deep it hit me hard like a truck.

Music calms your mind when tensed.
Feeling low..? Feeling High..? Listen to music!

Listen to music and lyrics carefully whenever you listen to a song.
It changes your mood from sad to happy.

Experiment Food Types

Try out new dishes, experiment by cooking it.
You can find a variety of recipes on Youtube.

For example, Tomato has many types of recipes.
Tomato chutney, Tomato rasam, Tomato soup, Tomato rice, Tomato dal, Tomato pulao, Tomato curry, Roasted Tomato soup, Aloo Tamatar, Tomato upma, Tomato omelette, etc. are many types of recipes made with Tomato.

You can look for any other vegetable recipe and cook it according to the Youtube Cook Chef :p

Learn a New Language

Learning a new language could be beneficial to communicate with foreign people.
Suggest your friends the same language you learnt and communicate with them at public.
It can be useful as a secret language.

Anyways, You can also learn it as a hobby.

There are several apps on Android and iOS available for learning new languages.
The famous app is Duolingo.
It is available for Web too.

Meet New Friends

Wash your hands properly for coronavirus precautions.

Dump your old friends and make new friends LMAO.
Just kidding, old friends should be replaced with new friends if they don’t value you anymore.
I’m not kidding now!

You can meet new friends on Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media existing.
Or go to a club, attend events, conferences, etc. to meet someone and be friends with them.

Start a Blog

Create a blog in your favourite niche and start writing accordingly.
Write it as a hobby or passion.
To read more about blogging, check out this article:
Scope of Blogging

Delete Old Messages, Contacts

Clean up the mess from your smartphone.
Deleting junk is a good practice to stay healthy in life.

Delete old contacts, messages from your phone while you’re bored.

You might be positive in your life, but then you see old messages of someone with whom you stopped talking.
That would be sad. Right?

So, think about cleaning up the old junk and do it.

Create a Bucket List

Everyone sets goals in their life.
But did you ever try creating a bucket list?

Please don’t search for a list in the bucket after reading this.

A Bucket list is a series of tasks to be completed.
These tasks contain small goals which you intend to fulfil your dreams and pleasures of life.

Thank God

Everyone gets busy in their daily lives and forget the one who created us.
It hardly takes a minute to thank.

Thank god for this life.
You’re breathing, thank god.
You can read and write, thank god.

Atheists can thank me for this wonderful article 🙂


And this comes to an end of the article.
For a quick recap, scroll down:

11 things to do when bored at home:

Read a book
Watch TEDx Talks
Watch movies
Listen to music
Experiment Food
Learn a new language
Make new friends
Start a blog
Clean up old messages, contacts
Create a bucket list
Thank God

Try Meditation and Yoga, if the above activities didn’t make sense.

Still, Feeling bored?
If you’re bored, read this article once again if you skipped anything.

If you know any other useful activity, comment down below in the comment section.

That’s all folks.
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